What Is An Analogy Of A Cell Wall?

What is an analogy for a cell?

Cells are Like Cars You can compare the windshield and windows to plasma membranes, since they protect the inside of the car from invaders like insects and dirt.

Cars need power to drive, and this happens when fuel, converts to energy in the engine, much like mitochondria creating ATP..

How is a cell like a school?

A cell membrane controls what is allowed to enter and exit a cell, like a school security guard controls what is allowed in and out of school. Cell walls are like school doors. A cell wall filters what goes into the cell, like school doors are a filter for a school. … Smooth ER are like school buses.

What can a cell wall be compared to in a city?

A Cell wall helps maintain the shape of the cell and protect the interior of the cell. Although a city wall does not maintain the shap of the city, it does help protect the people inside of the city.

How is a cell not like a city?

The cell membrane controls what goes into and out of the cell as the city limits control what goes in and out of the city. 3. The endoplasmic reticulum consists of a network of a tube-like passageway that proteins from the ribosomes are transported through.

What would a cell wall be in a house?

Cell Wall-Walls of the house Like the cell wall in a plant cell, The walls of a house keeps out unwanted visitors and protects the house and what’s on the inside. The nucleus controls everything in the cell, Just like the parents control EVERYTHING in the house, EVERYTHING…

What does a cell wall represent in a city?

Cell PartCity AnalogyPurposeK. VacuoleStorage Facility – boxes, crates, and plastic bagsStores food and wasteL. ChloroplastGreen grass within the cityWhere photosynthesis takes placeM. Cell WallBrick wall surrounding cityGives shape, structure, support, and protection10 more rows

What can a cell wall be compared to?

The cell wall in a plant cell is like the frame on a car. The frame supports the car as the cell wall supports the plant.

How a city is like a cell?

A Cell is Like A City! 1. Nucleus = City Hall: they are both the controlling forces in the cell/city. … Cell Membrane = Police Officers: they both control what goes in and out of the cell/city. They also both protect and support what is inside.

How a cell is like a house?

The cytoskeleton of a cell can be compared to the walls of a house. The walls of a house are similar to the cytoskeleton of a cell because they provide support for a house. They are also made of very strong material so the house will not collapse on itself.

What does a cell represents in a real life?

Cells provide structure and function for all living things, from microorganisms to humans. Scientists consider them the smallest form of life. Cells house the biological machinery that makes the proteins, chemicals, and signals responsible for everything that happens inside our bodies.

Why is a cell like a factory?

A cell can be thought of as a “factory,” with different departments each performing specialized tasks. A cell’s plasma membrane regulates what enters or leaves the cell. The CYTOPLASM includes everything between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

What can a cell be compared to?

A cell can be compared to a houseThe rough endoplasmic reticulum of the cell is like the hallways in a house because they transport people throughout the home like the rough ER transports materials throughout the cell.Sources:The mitochondria of the cell are like the fuse box of a house. … Ribosomes are like an oven.More items…

What part of the city is like the endoplasmic reticulum?

The rough endoplasmic reticulum is the part of the ER that helps make proteins and has a rough look to it because of the ribosomes found on its surface….City PartFunctionCell PartParks, grass, treesfills the space between structures in a city and gives a city its shape-Cytoplasm12 more rows

How a cell works like a factory?

The cytoplasm contains the organelles, just like how the factory floor contains all the machines and workers. The cytoskeleton of a cell maintains the cells shape. … The cell membrane regulates what enters and leaves the cell, similar to factories shipping department.