Quick Answer: Who Is Batman Number 1 Enemy?

Who is Batman’s first enemy?

Alfred StrykerAlfred Stryker: The first villain Batman ever encountered..

Did Joker kill Batman parents?

He’s sleazy and bad-tempered, and in one scene lashes out at Arthur Fleck in anger. Given the setup, it’s no surprise that Joker ends on the day Martha and Thomas Wayne were murdered – but it’s done in a refreshingly original way. In Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime has unwittingly inspired riots across Gotham City.

Who is the scariest Joker?

1. Heath Ledger, ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) Warner Bros.

Who is the greatest Batman of all time?

10 Best Batman actors of all time, rankedChristian Bale.Michael Keaton. (Image credit: Warner Bros) … Ben Affleck. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) … Olan Soule. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) … Diedrich Bader. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) … Val Kilmer. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) … Robert Lowery. (Image credit: Warner Bros.) … George Clooney. (Image credit: Warner Bros) … More items…•

Who kills Darkseid?

Lex LuthorUsing the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid. With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil. Later, Lex Luthor would be merged with the Omega Sanction, becoming the new ruler of Apokolips.

What are the Top 5 Batman villains?

The 15 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time8 Bane.7 The Riddler.6 Harley Quinn.5 Two-Face.4 Ra’s al Ghul.3 Joker.2 Honorable Mention: Catwoman.1 Honorable Mention: Red Hood.More items…•

Is the Joker really adopted?

Discovering the truth – he was adopted and abused as a child – sends Arthur over the edge: he suffocates his schizophrenic mother (Frances Conroy), stabs a former co-worker (Glenn Fleshler) who gave him that gun, and discovers his relationship with Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz) was a lie.

Is Batman dangerous?

Batman is a mere human, he has absolutely no “super” powers. His powers is only at par with Olympic level athletes. It is not too big a deal to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. In-spite of this he is one of the most dangerous man on the planet.

How much older is Joker than Batman?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

Is Alfred Stryker The Joker?

In other words, there is a LOT of evidence pointing to the fact that Alfred Stryker was the ORIGINAL Joker. There is a chance that the case of the Chemical Syndicate (the first ever Batman story from 1939 and told again and again through DC comics history) is also the origin of the Joker.

Who is Batman’s biggest enemy?

the JokerBy most standards, the Joker is considered Batman’s greatest foe, because he’s definitely Batman’s arch nemesis and the villain who returns most often to cause Batman the greatest overall amount of trouble.

Who is the most evil Batman villain?

Batman: 10 Of Gotham City’s Most Terrifying Villains1 JOKER. Without a doubt, the most terrifying citizen of Gotham City is the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker.2 JANE DOE. … 3 PROFESSOR PYG. … 4 VICTOR ZSASZ. … 5 MAN-BAT. … 6 DOCTOR DEATH. … 7 KILLER CROC. … 8 CORNELIUS STIRK. … More items…•

Who Killed Batman?

Joe ChillIn Batman’s origin story, Joe Chill is the Gotham City mugger who murders young Bruce Wayne’s parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. The murder traumatizes Bruce, inspiring his vow to avenge their deaths by fighting crime as the vigilante Batman.

Is the Joker Batmans brother?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. … Though the film is populated with comic book characters, no iteration of Batman has revealed Bruce is related to his ultimate archenemy. (He’s famously an only child.)

Who is Batman enemy?

The JokerThe Joker is a homicidal maniac with a clown-like appearance, bent on creating havoc in Gotham City and fighting a never-ending battle against Batman. His arsenal of weapons includes razor-cards, acid-spewing flowers, and fatal laughing-gas. He is Batman’s archenemy as well as the most famous and recurring villain.

Who is Spider Man’s arch enemy?

the Green GoblinNorman Osborn The Norman version of the Green Goblin is usually regarded as Spider-Man’s archenemy. The second Goblin, Harry Osborn, is Norman’s son and Peter Parker’s best friend.

Who is Superman’s arch enemy?

Lex LuthorLex Luthor: Coming out of a rough childhood and adolescence, Alexander Joseph Luthor began furthering his career in the business world. Soon, Luthor became Superman’s oldest and most driven foe, thus becoming Kal-El’s arch-enemy.

What is the Joker’s real name?

Jack NapierBatman: The Animated Series would name him Jack Napier in one episode, and the aforementioned comic series Batman: White Knight revealed the Joker’s real name was Jack Napier.

Did Batman ever die?

The Batman: Endgame storyline reached a dramatic conclusion last week, as Batman and Joker both apparently perished deep beneath the surface of Gotham City.

Is Batman Dead?

In spite of what it seems, Bruce Wayne isn’t dead in Gotham Knights. … We never thought we’d see the day that Batman was killed – especially not in a video game. He’s too important of a character. However, his last message was only to be sent in case of his death.