Quick Answer: What Happens If The Spinothalamic Tract Is Damaged?

Which tract crosses over in the brain stem to its opposite side?

corticospinal tractAt the base of the pyramids, approximately 90% of the fibers in the corticospinal tract decussate, or cross over to the other side of the brainstem, in a bundle of axons called the pyramidal decussation..

What does the anterior corticospinal tract control?

In contrast to the lateral corticospinal tract which controls the movement of the limbs, the anterior corticospinal tract controls the movements of axial muscles (of the trunk). A few of its fibers pass to the lateral column of the same side and to the gray matter at the base of the posterior grey column.

How many Spinothalamic tract are there?

four tractsIt is composed of four tracts: Anterior spinothalamic tract. Lateral spinothalamic tract. Spinoreticular tract.

What is the Reticulospinal tract?

a motor tract that arises from the reticular formation and descends to influence spinal motor neurons. The reticulospinal tract is involved with voluntary and reflexive movements, postural control, and autonomic functions as well as other effects.

What does the Spinothalamic tract do?

The spinothalamic tract consists of two adjacent pathways: anterior and lateral. The anterior spinothalamic tract carries information about crude touch. The lateral spinothalamic tract conveys pain and temperature. In the spinal cord, the spinothalamic tract has somatotopic organization.

What is the anterior Spinothalamic tract?

The anterior spinothalamic tract, also known as the ventral spinothalamic fasciculus, is an ascending pathway located anteriorly within the spinal cord, primarily responsible for transmitting coarse touch and pressure.

Where does the dorsal medial lemniscus tract cross to the other side?

The dorsal column medial lemniscal (DCML) pathway, as its name implies, carries signals upward to the medulla of the brain. Then after the signals synapse, they cross to the opposite side of the brain in the medulla and continue upward through the brain stem to the thalamus by way of the medial lemniscus.

Where does the Spinothalamic tract terminate?

The spinothalamic tract terminates mainly in the ventroposterolateral nucleus, ventroposteromedial nucleus, the intralaminar nuclei, mainly the central lateral nucleus, and the posterior complex.

What type of signal does the spinocerebellar tract carry?

The dorsal spinocerebellar tract conveys low range proprioceptive stimuli from receptors located in muscles, tendons, and joints of the hindlimb. Proprioceptive information entering the spinal cord rostral to C8 is carried by nerve fibers ascending in the fasciculus cuneatus.