Quick Answer: How Do You Solo On Smule?

Does smule change your voice?

No, you can’t change the Style or the effects when you join an invite but you can adjust the volume of your vocals and other applicable audio parameters like reverb amount or pitch correction..

Is smule a dating app?

Smule, an app where singers can sign up and duet virtually with people from around the world has turned into not only a creative outlet for artists – but a dating app as well? Cue local couple Jeff and Mariah who met by duetting on the app.

Do you really sing with celebrities on Smule?

You can sing your favorite songs with the celebrities you love! Many celebrity artists have partnered with Smule to record karaoke versions of their songs. These recordings are saved and offered to all users. You can sing a duet with your favorite celeb, and then share it with others!

Does smule use AutoTune?

Users always have the option to customize and create presets of their AutoTune settings to use at later times. … After all, the application is based on the same Antares Auto-Tune technology T-Pain uses in the studio, according to Smule.

Is smule a social media?

Smule is a social media platform where users can make music together. Smule’s flagship app is Sing! Karaoke, a sing and share app with sophisticated underlying technologies that allow users to create music videos together and also use Instagram-style filtering effects for voice. … But, it’s Sing!

How do you sing solo without VIP on Smule?

This method only works with your Computer, so turn your computer on and login to your Smule account.You will see upload button in top panel.Then upload page will be loaded, select songbook if you want to allow other smule members to sing with your Karaoke.Upload your karaoke song.More items…•

Is smule safe?

With high risks of bullying, sexting, meeting strangers, and adult content, this app should not be used by minors. While singing Karaoke can seem very innocent, connecting your child with strangers who can see recordings of them and start a conversation is dangerous.

What is the best effect in smule?

Which effects should I use for smule sing app to sound better? From my personal point of view I will suggest you to use studio effect. It will gives you a natural voice effect. A new effect “spotlight” has been added in the updated version.

Why do I sound so bad on Smule?

If you have your monitoring level too low, you may overcompensate by singing louder. Take note that the monitoring volume level on Smule iOS is only how loud you can hear your voice in your headphones, not how loud the recording will be played back.

What happens when you join someone on Smule?

In the Songbook, tap on a song you want to sing. … Tap on the “Join” button to join a collab and start singing with someone else. When you join a collab, you are adding your voice to other previously recorded singers.

Is Smule app Chinese?

U.S. Smule is an American mobile app developer with headquarters in San Francisco. The company specializes in developing social music-making and collaboration applications for iOS, Android, and Web. The company was founded in 2008 by Jeff Smith and Stanford assistant professor Ge Wang.

Can you use smule privately?

When you save your recording, you choose whether to make the recording public or private. A public recording is discoverable and joinable by other singers while a private recording can only be seen and joined by singers you share it with.

Is smule paid app?

Users can download Smule for free. “Certain features are available on the app for free.